CUDA on Eclipse IDE, How to make them work together

CUDA on Eclipse. How to make them work together.

CUDA on Eclipse IDE. How to make them work together.

Some people asked me how to configure Eclipse IDE to work with CUDA. I’ve found some valid solutions, modify on, create a new makefile… but I’ll show you the simplest one (for mine).

NOTE; if you are wondering how you could skip the next lines here is your answer; I’ve upload a *tar.gz file wich contains all you need, you only have to extract that file on your personal folder, double click and start working… Simple, isn’t it?.

Here is the link with the package: Download eclipse+CDT configurated

Before starting with the instructions, I know that Helios is not the lastest version of Eclipse, but I’ve had some graphics problems with Indigo.
  1. We need the platform, so download eclipse SDK from:
  2. We also need the C/C++ plugin, it is called CDT (C/C++ Development Toolkit):
  3. Extract 1 on your personal folder.
  4. Extract 2 on your personal folder, the idea is to combine all the folders.
  5. Move to /home/user_name/eclipse, here is the “.exe” file, named eclipse (it’s a purple square). Double click on it, and eclipse will start.
  6. Help –> Install New Software –> Add . Paste this link:
  7. Name it as CUDA PLUGIN. Accept. Now a new line has appear on the small window below, that’s the plugin. Mark the plugin and go Next. Eclipse takes some time here, so relax. All the work is made except point 8.
  8. Run (see step 5) File — > New –> C/C++ project. I hope you are seeing some like this;
Click “Hello World CUDA project”, the window ask for a name to the project, so write “HELLO”, now right-click on HELLO –> C/C++ build –> Environment –> Add. Write this;

Apply. And it’s done. Not as difficult as seemed.

Check out this link for CUDA installation: Simple Cuda installation guide con Ubuntu 11.10

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